Here are some great resources in the farming, ranching, and growing communities.

American Dexter Cattle Association – The ADCA is the registry we use for our Dexter cattle. You can find a lot of good information on Dexter cattle here, as well as pedigrees, standards, etc..

Cascades Meadows Farm – For purebred dexter cattle with exceptional disposition and compact stature, you can’t beat Kirk and Jason at Cascades Meadows Farm. The foundation of our herd is from Cascade Meadows. We bought our current herd sire, Cascades Contender, and they led him into our trailer on a halter. Amazing animals. We also bought our American Guinea Hogs here.

Pharo Cattle Company – Pharo Cattle Company educates cattle owners on how to maximize profit per acre vs pounds per animal. Sign up for their newsletter and mailing list.

Raising Redworms – WSU has a good summary of raising worms and an overview of how to get started.

Veterinarian – Dr. Preston is the best veterinarian and is the one we call for all of our veterinarian needs. She is a mobile vet who comes to your place for all requests.